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Estate Planning for the Business Owner

estate planning

Business estate planning ensures that your business will flourish after you die or become disabled. Good estate planning will protect the business that you’ve worked so hard on and poured so many resources into. This is true for all businesses, but especially for family-owned businesses you want to pass on to a successor.

Our estate planning services are designed to protect your business and maximize its value. We work with your existing advisors, including accountants and lawyers, to create wills, buy/sell shareholder agreements and estate freeze plans.

Where We Can Help:

Establish Buy/Sell Agreements

If the business owner becomes disabled, dies, or wants to sell, a buy/sell agreement can be established in which the company or remaining partners have the option to purchase the deceased's interest. Before an owner's interest can be sold to the company or remaining partners, however, the owner's estate must agree to sell.

Transfer Assets without Tax (Estate Freeze)

An estate freeze is a tax-saving strategy for business owners to transfer assets to the next generation without incurring tax problems.

Employee Benefits

If you own a business, planning for your company’s financial future and taking care of your employees may seem overwhelming and expensive. But you can find great retirement and health insurance plans to help you keep and attract good employees without breaking the bank.

We can help you choose the type of plans including Group Disability, Group Life Insurance and Group Health & Dental Plans.