We'll help you put the pieces of your financial future together

At Success Foundations, we take all the pieces of your unique financial puzzle and put them together in one place.

Starting a life together

Starting a life together with a partner can be one of the most exciting and satisfying decisions in your life. It is also one that has significant financial implications. Suddenly, there are many practical, even legal matters that you need to consider as a couple. Your financial services advisor can certainly help take some of that pressure off of your mind so that you can make an easy and smooth transition into a shared life. 

Budgeting and investing

  • Establish your debts and assets jointly
  • Identify if some expenses should be pooled
  • Share your dreams to save money to achieve current and long-term goals
  • Create a realistic family budget
  • Re-evaluate your contributions to your retirement plans to take advantage of income splitting

Re-evaluating your insurance coverage

  • Analyze your group coverage through employment. Are there advantages of a spouse or family plan?
  • Update the beneficiaries of your policies if necessary
  • Insurance such as disability, critical illness, and long-term care called "living benefits" provide income streams when an injury or an illness prevents you from working

Starting your estate/tax planning

  • Discuss your estate plans and update your wills and living wills in case of incapacity
  • Consult an expert for tax savings tips

Taking the time to discuss changes to your finances is an important step to harmony and peace of mind. Remember, a financial services advisor can help assess your needs and find the right solutions for you.

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